Glitched Spaceway little Post Mortem

During the month of June I participated in the Game Jam hosted by Game Jolt, #glitchjam. I have studied a lot game development, all aspects of it, the programming itself to marketing… But this was one of the best things I’ve ever done (to help me study). Self teach to do something, be disciplined, isContinue reading “Glitched Spaceway little Post Mortem”

I’ll post things here, I swear

Hello! My name is Dilly and in this Blog I will post the development of the games that I’m doing or participating! The first will be a SHMUP with some elements of fighting games. Also, this is the logo blog / Conglomerate / Corporation / Studio / Label I call “Post Mortem Pixels“: PS: I willContinue reading “I’ll post things here, I swear”