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Steam Next Fest is Over

Hello! Steam Next Fest has come to an end, but the demo of Takara Cards will continue to be available at the very least until its early access launch in March 28th. We are already working on improvements on the game based on feedbacks we received! Takara Cards is a game with a lot of…

New screenshots and Steam NextFest

A quick update! The game has come a long way since our last post on Steam, so we’ve decided to update the game screenshots on the Steam page. These new screenshots show some of Character Creation, Navigation and events! Also, we would like to announce that we are going to participate in the next Steam…

Announcing our next game, Takara Cards!

Takara Cards is a tactical Deck Builder with light RPG elements. It will be released in Early Access later this year, shortly after the next Steam Fest. Take a look at the gameplay teaser: