Announcing “NEXT JUMP: Red Legionaries” and Update Details!

Hello rookies!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the first details of the update I have been working on: Three new ships! Yes! Three!

They are part of the fleet of mercenaries known as “Red Legionaries”:
New Ships
Two of them, The Shield and the Sword, will be available without doing anything. A third and special ship will have to be unlocked.
The update will feature these three ships with new mechanics, interface improvements, a new game mode and difficulty modes!
I hope you enjoy the surprise and in the next ad I will talk about the improvements in the combat interface.

NEXT JUMP: Red Legionaries are due out in the middle of September and will be free.

Have a safe jump. : )



Today I would like to announce a feature which is present in Next Jump but is not very common in current games: A MANUAL. YES, A MANUAL:

Inside the game, even while playing, the player can access an instruction manual totally inspired by the manuals present in the old games (I re-read the R-type 3 manual specially to do this).
Following the logic of the game itself and its idea of homage to the SHMUPs, the manual was written as if it was an actual manual for the Federation Pilots as well.

And here it is! Two weeks before the game is released, the PDF manual:

NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics is scheduled to be released on and Steam,  April 18.

Steam greenlight and Trailer

We have just launched our STEAM GREENLIGHT!
And along side it, a trailer!:

Many thanks to my friend Daniel Pinheiro, who spent his vacation doing this beautiful animation you see¬†and Jo√£o “JP” Paulo for the incredible dubbing and Japanese translation in the trailer.

NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics will be released in April 18rd, 2017 on and hopefully Steam!

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It’s all about the Lives

Next Jump is a reinterpretation of the shmup genre into a tactics game.
Two of the pillars of shmup genre (and how they were translated into a tactics game) were already adressed in previous posts about movement and score. Today, another important feature is going to be approached: lives  Рor, in the case of Next Jump, the lack of lives.

Next Jump Eject 1.jpg

The Eject system.

The concept of “lives” is traditionally included in shmups, probably because they were born inside an arcade cabinet. In that sense, I have spent months thinking about ways to implement a “lives mechanic” (one of them involving creating a series of complex systems to¬†“find pilots in the galaxy”). But I didn’t like any of the ideas I had: actually, I hated them.
One day I was re-listening a podcast I really love¬†called “Roguelike Radio”, the episode was a discussion about FTL. At a certain point they say: “…in FTL you are the ship”. That’s when I had an idea: to implement an eject system.

In FTL, a game that also influenced Next Jump, you are (effectively) the Ship. You are not the captain or another crew member. You ARE¬†the Ship. The game only reaches¬†its end state when the¬†ship explodes or all crew members die. You can feel like the captain of the ship, but this character resides inside your mind and not actually in the game. In Next Jump, on the other hand, you are not the Ship – instead, you are the pilot: your “reputation”, name, scrap… Everything is tied to your character. When the pilot dies, all is gone. So I thought: A classic thing on Sci-fi is everyone on a (dying) ship trying to escape, to eject. Why not do this in Next Jump?


That’s how the Eject system was born!
The ejection is possible (for a price) whether the hull of the ship is low and the pilot surrounded by shots or the player simply wants to change ships. When ejected, the player loses all Scrap contained in the current ship, the ship itself (that explodes) and its upgrades. After the ejection, the player is prompted with a “Rescue Call”: If there is a positive Scrap Bank balance (yes, the player have a bank account besides storing scrap on the ship itself), then it’s possible to ask for another Ship for 900 scraps. If the player doesn’t have 900 scraps, a new ship will still be received but the bank account goes to a negative balance and another ship can’t be requested until the debt is paid.

And that’s the Eject system.
Thanks for reading, I would love to answer any questions.