Announcing “NEXT JUMP: Red Legionaries” and Update Details!

Hello rookies! It is with great pleasure that I announce the first details of the update I have been working on: Three new ships! Yes! Three! They are part of the fleet of mercenaries known as “Red Legionaries”: Two of them, The Shield and the Sword, will be available without doing anything. A third andContinue reading “Announcing “NEXT JUMP: Red Legionaries” and Update Details!”

Steam greenlight and Trailer

We have just launched our STEAM GREENLIGHT! And along side it, a trailer!: Many thanks to my friend Daniel Pinheiro, who spent his vacation doing this beautiful animation you see and João “JP” Paulo for the incredible dubbing and Japanese translation in the trailer. NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics will be released in April 18rd, 2017 onContinue reading “Steam greenlight and Trailer”