Talk to Strangers on Nintendo Switch!

Talk to Strangers will be available on June 8th for the Nintendo Switch, thanks to QUByte Interactive! EShop and more: Talk to Strangers is a survival game in everyday life. Survive door-to-door conversations ranging from bizarre to mundane (in that order) as you try to sell products to strangers. But be careful: nothing is asContinue reading “Talk to Strangers on Nintendo Switch!”

Launch and Steam Deck support!

Welcome, Cadets!Takara Cards is available on Steam! First we would like to announce that the game works great on Steam Deck!To get the full experience, just configure the controls for GAMEPAD / Steam Deck: Our next announcement will be about the game’s update plans:Detailing the next development steps and how the community can help. GoodContinue reading “Launch and Steam Deck support!”