the NEXT jump! [stencyljam2015]

This is my game to this years stencyljam2015!: (it says reviewing, I dont know if you guys can play it) the NEXT jump is a turn-based shmup with roguelike ingredients. You are a pilot in pursuit of a Pirate Mothership  that keeps its distance from you. To catch the mothership, you use “Jumps” toContinue reading “the NEXT jump! [stencyljam2015]”

New Version / Nova versão

Just posted a new version of the game on GameJolt, v0.4: This version is basically what I wanted to do for the #glitchjam but didn’t have time to finish. Now all the super basic systems are in place, we have some music, updated sprites for the ship and fixed all the major bugs. IContinue reading “New Version / Nova versão”

Glitched Spaceway little Post Mortem

During the month of June I participated in the Game Jam hosted by Game Jolt, #glitchjam. I have studied a lot game development, all aspects of it, the programming itself to marketing… But this was one of the best things I’ve ever done (to help me study). Self teach to do something, be disciplined, isContinue reading “Glitched Spaceway little Post Mortem”