More about Talk to Strangers!


Talk to Strangers is based / inspired / spiritual successor to another game called “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. “Don’t Talk” was made during the Stencyl Game Jam 2016 and we were impressed by the positive feedback from the players. Inspired by this positive feedback we decided to invest in the ideas and mechanics developed in it, as well as expand on those ideas!


That’s how Talk to Strangers was born! But instead of playing as child knocking from door to door begging for candy, you play as a salesman trying to sell products from house to house.
In fact, for those who have played Do not Talk, this new game is happening in the same city! Even with characters appearing again!


For those who have not played Don’t Talk to Strangers, it’s available for free here (for all platforms):
Don’t Talk to Strangers on itchio .

Talk to Strangers is also the first Post Mortem Pixels game made in conjunction with other artists / designers:
Luis Felipe Garrocho (design, writing and original idea), Ricardo Tokumoto (Art Direction and Pixel art), Daniel Pinheiro Lima (Pixel art, animation and writing). In addition to the songs of Rafael Assunção, who created the NEXT JUMP OST! 🙂

If you have any questions about the game, just ask!
Thank you!

Steam greenlight and Trailer

We have just launched our STEAM GREENLIGHT!
And along side it, a trailer!:

Many thanks to my friend Daniel Pinheiro, who spent his vacation doing this beautiful animation you see and João “JP” Paulo for the incredible dubbing and Japanese translation in the trailer.

NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics will be released in April 18rd, 2017 on and hopefully Steam!

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Don’t Talk to Strangers!


That’s the name of our entry to the #StencylGameJam 2016!  😀
It was made by me (code and a bit of game design, super average sound) and two other friends, the Illustrators and Comic artists (from Brazil):
Luís Felipe Garrocho  (game design and some art) and Ricardo Tokumoto (art and art direction)!

About the game:

You are a kid. You love candy. That’s basically your life.

You just arrived in a new city with your family after your parents changed jobs. And it’s Halloween.
Your mother warned to not talk to strangers your whole life. But it’s Halloween. You gotta get that sweet sweet glorious candy.
So you go. If you get to know them, maybe they are not strangers anymore? So it would be ok to go trick or treating then.
But be careful. If something looks strange, you can always leave.
Good luck.

You can play it on gamejolt: