Updates plans and schedule

Hello Cadets!
Today we want to announce our plan for the early access major updates.
There will be a total of six major updates, in order:

  1. The Second Boss, the Dragon of Intuition.
  2. A second race, those who ride on luck: Humans.
  3. The Third Boss, the Dragon of Wealth.
  4. A third race – Orks, the alchemists.
  5. Fourth race, the glamorous Elves!
  6. And last but not least: Better Steam integration and more localizations.

Each race consists of a new ship, new cards, and mechanics specific to that race!
Here’s a taste of the designs for the next race, the Humans:

Each of these updates should take around 36 days each, give or take:
It’s difficult to measure the development because some of these contents take longer (and are already in development) than others. But this estimate was made based on the amount of work already done on the game.

Among these updates (and between then), we will be adding new Cards, general improvements and new units like this one:

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and criticizing the game! Our next update will have several improvements based on initial feedback from the release. This minor update should be released in a matter of days.

See you later, Cadets!

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