Afternoon Delights update is now available!

“Afternoon Delights” adds to the game a huge amount of content, including:

Virtually all the houses now have three different variations:
Morning / Noon, Afternoon and Night, as opposed to just two of the original game (day and night).
Not only are there more variations per house, but the stories that happen are more engaging and connected to each other.

16 new Endings! Now all the houses have endings and there are more types of endings present in the game: More shades of sadness, despair and happiness (yes happiness!)!

We have also improved the interface of the “sales/answer cards”: Now, after seeing an End, the answer card that leads to that end will have a different color from the other cards.

A new secret house! Try to find it! :)

6 new achievements!

Steam Leaderboards! We implemented the Sunny Morning rating and ranking system that evaluates the best (and worst) sellers in the world!

Russian Translation!

Other minor improvements:
– Now the “Sunny Capacitor” item also acts as a “second chance” in the game: if the player finds an End and owns a capacitor the game will ask if he or she wants to go back in time and continue the game.
– You can now pet the dog.
– We changed the game Fonts to support Russian and have better readability.
– Several English typos have been fixed in the game.
– Several minor bugs have been fixed.
– Several minor improvements.

We hope you enjoy the update and don’t forget, smile! :)

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